WAR (Parade)

A military parade! Cool! You can bet ours will be bigger than Rocketman’s! Bigger than old Joe’s too. Way bigger than Adolf’s. And with Great Leader in the reviewing stand, of course! Finally Great Leader will get a chance to see the military up close! And maybe it will win some more votes in Congress for a bigger, badder war budget…more bombs for the Saudis to drop on the people of Yemen, bigger B-52 shows over Afghanistan, and perhaps a few dollars left over to buy Great Leader his first uniform ever! And we will all be able to stop thinking about the breakdown of civil society, global warming, the undermining of our Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties, financial corruption, crooked politicians gerrymandering their way into power, politicization of the Department of Justice, corporate welfare by tax give-aways, and all the rest of that liberal, college-boy nonsense. Maybe Great Leader could even announce a new war from the reviewing stand! There isn’t much to watch any more…what with drones not really making it to prime time and all. But no traitors, please. Just real ‘muricans. Don’t nobody else get to see our parade. No traitors, no foreigners, no immigrants…’ceptin them what’s bin hir’ four hunert years, ‘xactly four hunert, no more, no less…ifn ya git ma drift.


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