The Way Forward on Health Care

Just as the fundamental life goals of American citizens (security, happiness, good health, help when you are in trouble, freedom to enjoy life) are not a function of party lines, the policy goals of our elected representatives do not follow party lines either, but to realize that it is necessary to wash away the rhetoric and identify the politicians’ actual priorities.

Alaska Senator Murkowski, reacting to the Administration’s apparent threat to punish the whole Alaskan population unless she kowtows on health care policy, noted that she believes in reforming “the health care industry.” That is not exactly the disagreement between her and her GOP colleagues, however: while the Senator apparently takes to heart the needs of the people of Alaska for health care, the GOP goal appears to be the elimination of government health care supports for the poor…the exact opposite.

Senator Murkowski’s stated opinion may put her at odds with the new Administration, but it should find strong support from Democratic progressives. Reforming the health care industry…indeed, ending health care as an industry, is precisely what progressives want: replacing health care as an industry for private profit with health care as a service for everyone provided by the government, as in all other modern societies.

Senators Murkowski and Sanders need to have lunch.


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