American Society 1, GOP 0

The bumbling ineptitude and penchant for cheap political trickery of the GOP health care debacle revealed for those who had not already realized it the spiteful, anti-social, racist contempt of GOP politicians for the American people: punish kids, punish the poor, punish the elderly, punish the very unemployed white male manual workers who elected them in their unseemly rush to condemn what our first black President accomplished. It’s not the uneducated white workers so much as their elected representatives in Congress who are the true deplorables…and now even those who voted for them know it.

Will the lesson stick?

No matter, perhaps. Tax policy is next, and Trump voters will now almost certainly be offered by their elected representatives of the GOP yet another lesson in being served (on a silver platter) by their very own GOP (to the hungry rich). Am I taking any risk whatsoever in predicting that Trump and the GOP will now proceed to offer a bill cutting taxes (for billionaires) while raising taxes for the much scorned bottom 90%?


Note to Democrats: Don’t cheer too loudly; Obamacare, crafted hand-in-hand with Big Pharma, is in truth chock full’o garbage. Time for progressives to step up with a couple clear health care proposals to move things forward.


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