Do You Want Big Government or Not?

Big Government or Little Government? Which do you want? The U.S. just suffered through a sickeningly superficial, propagandistic electoral campaign flooded with hypocrisy. In the event, the Red States–i.e., the states favoring small government–won. Now, on Trump’s first day in office, disaster hits one of those red states, and guess what? Suddenly, those folks have apparently changed their minds and are begging for Washington’s help.

Tornadoes have struck red state Georgia, and Georgians suddenly have become champions of Big Government. Fine. Emergency assistance to our neighbors in need is exactly why we have this Union. I willingly share my taxes with the hard-hit folks of Georgia. But in return, let’s knock off all this superficial anti-Government trash talk.

Yes, we can all agree that in a perfect world, everyone would be independent and rich and generous and healthy and equal and happy all the time. But should a tornado strike, should a child be born to poor parents, should that child happen to have a skin color the majority does not have, should a crooked bank steal the home of hard-working parents who cannot pay their mortgage because the bank caused a recession, should extremists march in the streets carrying guns,  then we should have Big Government standing at our backs to offer assistance.

So take my tax dollars in your moment of need, my fellow Americans who live in Georgia, but in return, the next time we vote, I will expect you to support politicians who care for the people and who design a Big Government capable of providing aid, protecting the environment, inspecting drugs and food, building a world-class educational system, preventing sexual and racial discrimination, punishing financial criminals and violent racists, and defending equal opportunity for all.



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