Historic American Transition in the Making

The nationwide movement for an inclusive, non-racist, non-sexist President goes far beyond the typical mainstream media pretense that it is a “big city” phenomenon and suggests the politicization of both young voters and pre-voting-age youths. After a week of protests, met by sneers and insults from Trump spokesmen, an awareness among the protesters of the linkages among all of their disparate issues seemed to be dawning on them, raising the possibility of a single, broader progressive movement in the making.

After an initial week of nationwide protests, this self-organizing popular reaction to a divisive candidate on the road to a legal victory despite losing the popular vote now appears to be creating links with other popular protests over civil rights for particular minorities for which White America has had little sympathy. Can the electoral protest integrate with Black Lives Matter and the Sioux defense of water rights against Big Oil? Will this popular movement be able to retain vigor long enough to establish contacts with officials at the state level concerned about civil liberties? The participation of two elected Oregon local officials in a Nov 13 protest march suggest one avenue for such a linkage. It is difficult to recall a U.S. Presidential transition period of more fundamental significance to the future course of American society.


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