Media Complicity

Five long days after the end of a race-baiting campaign that has shamed America before the world, Mr. Minority (according to the vote total so far) has stated in an interview that “if” racist attacks are occurring, it is “horrible” and that the guilty should “stop it.” Exactly how I might discipline one of my beloved grandkids if they used dirty language to their parents.

Mr. Minority went on to focus not on the criminality of the racist thugs emboldened by an election that has split the country but on the media, which he blamed. The President-Elect has a point: was it indeed not precisely the media that made him a candidate in the first place by quoting his every tasteless or misleading wisecrack while ignoring and thus effectively preventing an informed, adult discussion of the challenges facing the country?

Where would America be today if the media had focused on the financial reform ideas of Senator Warren or the social reform ideas of Senator Sanders?


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