Post-Election American Society

Regardless of who wins the Presidency tonight, America will emerge a vastly weaker, more disunited, more bullying, less civilized society. Hillary–condescending, tuned out, slavishly subservient to Riyadh and Tel Aviv, smugly comfortable with “war as the answer,” contemptuous of Native Americans defending American values against police dogs–will either emerge a weak and embarrassed President or the person guilty of handing a divided country on a silver platter to a thuggish hater of women, of minorities who at best is likely to feed a racist violence deep in the American soul if he does not indeed intentionally lead the angry mob into outright fascism. Regardless of who wins, how will this disturbed society with its self-centered, anti-democratic elite govern itself?

Tomorrow we Americans will begin to pay the price for the militarist hubris of Washington overseas and the equally repressive financial hubris of the non-elected Wall St. elite domestically. These two sides of the coin of governance–how the state treats neighbors and how it treats citizens–subtlely and slowly but directly guide mass culture. A bullying foreign policy, a bullying domestic policy teach and provoke the populace into bullying, into contempt for each other at the personal, social level; and that is the picture of a society in decline. The chickens of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Yemen,  the bailout of billionaires, and DAPL have all come home to roost.


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