I Hereby Report Hatred

Trump–you know, that TV comedian (?) who kept firing everyone–said American Muslims should report hatred when they find it. Well, I have found hatred, and I hereby wish to report it: Donald Trump is a hate-filled billionaire. He hates women, Muslims, Mexicans, and–clearly–American workers, since Donald does not pay his taxes, and he owes a lot, so that means many millions of dollars that he did not pay have to be paid by all the rest of us. And that includes all those angry, lower-middle-class whites who see lower working class status in their futures. How many low income workers does it take to make up for the millions and millions in taxes that Donald Trump owes the U.S. government to pay for the military, the highways, and all the other benefits of living in this country?

Vote, folks. Vote. I don’t like the choices any more than you, and if you can absolutely not stomach the two candidates with a shot at winning, go ahead and write in Bernie Sanders. But make no mistake about it, this election is important.


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