Liar, Liar…

Observer 9/26: reporting on the evolving context of the U.S. election

Lie to confuse the gullible. The harder the times, the easier it will be, for a population confused and stressed will reach out for any plausible explanation, and the liar whose ambition is power will always find a scapegoat pleasing to a gullible and stressed population. Despite its enormous power and resources, U.S. society today constitutes such a stressed population…thanks to a generation of bad governance by an elite addicted to financial corruption at home combined with military violence abroad. Hitler had his big lie of blaming all Germany’s problems on its Jews – the Germans who tried to conquer Europe were thus granted “innocence” and the “right of revenge” since it was all “the fault of the Jews.” Today, it is all the fault of Muslims or Mexicans…those who provoked a war on terror or a bailout of billionaires or just got rich using daddy’s $50 million in spare change are innocent. The mass media, typically complicit in the lies of the elite, has finally reached its limit; unable to continue swallowing the garbage any longer, the major newspapers of the land have, this very week, suddenly begun to spit it out. Alas, in this age, who reads? Those who don’t, sadly, will vote for liars…and continue to be manipulated for the amusement of various self-indulgent members of the elite. All a lying politician needs to seize power is a Reichtag fire, a Tonkin Gulf incident, a 9/ll in order to scream “I told you so” and get command of the gullible mob.


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