Gathering Clouds of Fascism

Observer 9/24/16

Observer perceives on the not so distant horizon what to him appear to be the gathering storm clouds of fascism starting to cast shadows over a democratic landscape. In a land uniquely favored by resources and a century of victory, how such an illogical process could possibly emerge, much less threaten life as we know it, is a sad conundrum but nonetheless one that will no doubt teach those of us who treasure liberty many valuable lessons about the weaknesses of our political system  requiring repair.


U.S. society has, in the rush from Cold War victory disillusionment to false war on terror to corrupt bailout of the billionaires to the realization that the war on terror is doing nothing but committing the nation to suffer an endless series of military defeats, now reached the point that it is splitting into two fundamentally hostile camps, camps that hold each other in contempt: immature and vicious proto-fascists vs. visionary reformers. This split is all the more serious because confused by an unpatriotic, elitist, corrupt political system controlled behind the scenes by a military-industrial-financial gang of private capitalists that has launched an undeclared class war against American society and bought control of both political parties to the point that real democracy—i.e., genuine electoral choice–hardly exists any more, with the Democratic Party nearly as complicit as the Republican. But their control remains incomplete, incapable of stopping the rising civil war between proto-fascists who see Trump as their champion and the disorganized and marginalized reformers represented most visibly by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. It is the corruption of the ruling elite that is both blocking reform and aggravating a mindless protest by the uneducated, unthinking but quite justifiably angry young, hopeless white men who have nowhere to go in a political system that sneers at reform while encouraging blind, racist violence (the raw material for a fascist punishment of American arrogance).

In a healthy democracy, the release valve draining off society’s anger would be the rise of a reformist party, but Bernie failed because stabbed in the back by the corrupt Democratic Party management, which prevented the fair primary campaign it was duty-bound to ensure. Anger at the endless self-serving foreign and domestic policies of the administrations of both parties thus intensified, pervading the society of the 99%. The Mideast wars that destroyed the lives of so many Americans only, by smashing Mideast societies, generated follow-on wars; the bailout was handed to the guilty institutions as a blank check with the individual financial criminals carefully protected from prosecution; and the Supreme Court legalized “one dollar, one vote”…while both the liberties and the prospects of the 99% were quite intentionally whittled away.

Two months before the 2016 presidential election, the U.S. seems to be creeping mindlessly toward the worst domestic catastrophe since the Southern War to Preserve Slavery.


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