Fracking: Convicted, Not Yet Jailed

In what should be the biggest news of the summer, the U.S. Government (precisely, NASA) has just found the smoking gun establishing the causal link between fracking and global warming…in Four Corners. Briefly, fracking is being done so sloppily by the irresponsible corporations who are allowed by public officials to waste without penalty American resources that the amount of natural gas leaking into the atmosphere contains global warming methane just from the Four Corners region sufficient to cause an enormous methane hot spot. NASA notes of the Four Corners region that it is “primarily a natural gas production area, mostly from coal bed methane and shale formations. More than 20,000 oil and gas wells operate in the basin…” Fracking Corporations: Convicted by U.S. government scientists of causing global warming, but still not jailed.

NASA Report

Explanatory New Report (not, needless to say, from the complicit mainstream “team-player” media


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