Why Can’t Americans Find a Leader?

The voters who really want to make America great would be delighted to hear that Hillary knows they exist. She could have formed a dynamite trio and made history by calling Elizabeth and Bernie to the stage as her two key policy gurus, but, alas, Hillary seems to be looking backwards.

The history of Democratic presidents who turned their backs on progressives (e.g., Bill Clinton, Obama) is too long. Progressives are waiting to hear something from Hillary to indicate the most minimal degree of sincerity in her claims that she has any intention whatsoever of working for fundamental progress to deal with global warming, to reduce financial corruption, to strengthen democracy at home, or to find a morally justifiable resolution of the mad war against Islamic societies. Just one little commitment, one precise promise to call for some reform law, one promise to do X on Day Y, one clear statement that she will rely on a known reformer in the field of foreign or financial policy. Not a murmur, right? The country is sick of neo-cons pretending to care about the American people.

My eyes blur when I look at Hillary; I keep thinking I see W.


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