U.S. National Policy: Complicity and Cover-up

Americans have lost the opportunity for a leader focused on reforming government with the focus on the needs of Americans. The election choices, aside from the courageous Green Party* no one has ever heard of, are thuggish and immature irresponsibility or conservative-lite with a nice smile. The most shockingly outrageous decade of national policy since at least the McCarthy era generated, officially, an historic cover-up. How did we get to this impasse?

It is the complicity of mainstream Democratic leaders with the Neo-Con war policy that has prevented a serious public debate over the degree to which the foreign policy behavior of the US lies at the root of the anger so visible in the Islamic world. Even Bernie skirted this issue, focusing instead on the domestic policy failures of the elite of the Democratic Party. Bernie recognized the degree to which the Hillary faction running the party was out of touch with American aspirations and in league with the Republican Party regarding the two-party practice of putting corporate interests ahead of the interests of American society, but Bernie did a poor job of articulating the linkage between a domestic policy of favoring wealthy corporations and a foreign policy of dominating other countries by military force. As a result, Americans now have no responsible leader capable of guiding a self-cleansing public debate. So naturally an opportunist has been sucked into the intellectual vacuum: giving vent to our frustrations but at the price of replacing the self-examination we need by blind rage and contempt, not just for others but for us…and our values. To protect ourselves, we the American people need to confront our past, or we will become–ever more seriously–the victims of our past leaders’ mistakes.


*The Green Party is based on four principles: ecology, social justice, grassroots democracy and non-violence. The Republican Party contemptuously rejects all four, while Hillary simply does not understand these philosophical concepts.


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