How Many Times Can a Sane Person Intentionally Make the Same Mistake?

Despite disaster after disaster, politicians keep cooperating with Salafi extremists to serve their own private agendas. It is time to hold these politicians accountable.

History should have taught us all by now that “giving al-Qaeda a pass” amounts to aiding and abetting global terrorism. Sadly, there are those in many so-called civilized, advanced countries who either are so confused that they can’t resist promoting terrorism in the name of peace or who actually do not care how much terrorism they provoke as long as they personally benefit.

It is not just a few remote spots that most in the West never even used to think about that are being destroyed by the wide range of extremists who are united in their faith in the utility of violence. Not that long ago, it was Afghanistan, Gaza, Waziristan, and Somalia. Then, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Syria joined the list of “failures of governance.” Now Turkish Kurdistan–a big chunk of what only five years ago appeared to be the most progressive country in the Mideast–is being added to the list. In all this time, now almost four decades, with all these open-ended failures, has violence scored a single success for world civilization? How many lessons does it take to demonstrate to rational people that we need a better approach?

Just for a single example, nothing forced those responsible to use an international air campaign to settle the Yemeni civil war.

Any number of rules could be laid down as guidelines to judge politicians’ behavior. Again, just for one example, Washington could state flatly that no regime using white phosphorous–a terror weapon if there ever was one–against a population under its formal authority would henceforth be considered a “friendly” regime. Perhaps Washington could also pass a law stating that any use of white phosphorous by the U.S. would constitute grounds for immediate removal from office of the department chief responsible and grounds for impeachment of the sitting President if he participated in a cover-up. But no, we wouldn’t want to tie our own hands, would we? I mean, the stuff can be so…convenient!

Democracy, liberty, peace, civilization–it is all going to go up in flames unless we start holding politicians accountable for their terror-provoking behavior. The discussion will be embarrassing; no doubt about it. Too bad. We cannot afford to allow politicians to keep making this mistake.


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