Bernie Has Already Won

Superficial reporters keep asking if Bernie really thinks he can win. Bernie has already won. Bernie is the only candidate in this election representing the people and fighting for democracy. Hillary is so self-satisfied it would have nauseated the brilliant young woman with a law degree from Yale who “doesn’t bake cookies”–had she only known what she would turn into. Trump is running a campaign of brain-dead hatred that reminds one of the young Hitler more and more every day.

Bernie, however, has changed the political environment, laid the groundwork for a future based on the renewal of American democracy by focusing debate on cleaning our own house first. Setting that desperately needed priority in a land possessing more power than its leaders or people have any idea how to employ properly, for our own long term benefit, is a contribution that only a handful of American politicians before him ever accomplished.

That handful no living American politician. Obama tried but ended up kneeling before the corrupt elite, Hillary once appeared headed for greatness before falling in love with her own new position as card-carrying member of the elite.

Bernie, in contrast, has already achieved a renewal. We are depending on him to continue his campaign, to sharpen the content of his message, and to lead progressives in Washington for the rest of his remarkable career…whether he speaks from the bully pulpit or not.




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