Salafi Extremists Vs. the World

Even of the most horrible events of the last few months are difficult to recall so I apologize in advance to those I may overlook, but the record of particularly outrageous Salafi extremist massacres of civilians outside of the war zone includes Turkey, France, Lebanon, and the Russian plane over Egypt. Perhaps one should also include attacks by Boko Haram in Nigeria and al Shabab’s slaughter of Kenyan college students. Multiple races, multiple religions, states with a wide range of Mideast policies and no significant Mideast policy at all…even states whose policies are widely criticized for secretly aiding and abetting the Islamic State!

The West understandably wants to react to the attack on France. It should have reacted to the attack during the summer on Turkey and the attack a few days ago on Lebanon. Then, the West would be standing on firmer moral ground…and firmer political ground. We are all under attack. When we take the time to listen sympathetically to each other, then we will begin to win.


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