The Crime of Having a Wedding Party

Over the past week, U.S. ally Saudi Arabia has allegedly slaughtered some 100 Yemenis at wedding parties. Unless we are simply trying to exterminate the Yemeni people, this murder must be considered a significant battlefield defeat for the U.S., given the huge number of new enemies it must surely have created. How many millions of dollars of aid has been canceled out by these two war crimes? What boost in al Qua’ida recruitment will result? How many revenge attacks by embittered Yemenis must American society suffer in payment for looking the other way while the petrosheikhs build their empire? What will be the time lag? Long enough for the guilty to escape the short arm of justice?

Saudi Arabia is famous for its harsh punishments; in the motherland of the Salafi jihadis, what is the punishment for aerial terrorism?

In the home of the “leader of the free world,” as the saying used to go, what is the punishment for an official aiding and abetting aerial terrorism by another state?

But, of course, Riyadh has denied the charges. Must have been some other air force…just like the dozens slaughtered at a wedding party in September,an event admitted by a Yemeni official, who called it a “mistake.” He did evidently did not specify what the “mistake” was – the slaughter, the failure to keep it quiet, the decision to bomb the village, or the Yemeni government decision to invite Saudi Arabia to bomb the Yemeni people in the first place.

And still the poor Yemenis keep insisting on getting married…


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