Stop Government Promotion of Dirty Coal

Obama went to Alaska to support the environment but is providing corporate welfare by giving away dirty coal at below value–promoting destruction of the air we breathe and effectively stealing the American people’s common property by handing it to corporations at less than fair value–cheating the public twice.

This is nothing new, of course. The government has traditionally “stolen” public resources, such as range land and timber, from society and handed them at below cost to private interests for private gain. It is time that the Government started representing the interests of society rather than a handful of rich election funders. Needless to say, this will not happen until elections are funded by taxes. Either we pay for elections and keep our resources or both the resources and the government will be bought and paid for by the rich.

To his credit, Obama is considering reforming this dirty process and the Obama Administration is currently accepting public comment.

Stop Government Promotion of Dirty Coal

Do your part – click above and sign the petition.


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