Exceptional Israel?

Look at the latest pictures of the Israeli “Defense” Force in action ask yourself what is exceptional about Israel. Perhaps there was indeed an exceptional element in the return to Palestine of mistreated European Jews, the kibbutz movement, and the willingness to share the land with its inhabitants that was–hard as it may seem today–apparently common in the days before the creation of the Israeli state by the private Jewish militias and their successor, the IDF. Maybe…but that element in the European Jewish colonial story is hard to detect in Netanyahu’s hard, new, expansionist Israeli garrison state drunk on the hubris of America’s blank check.

“Wait, you are being unfair,” the right-wing, Likudnik supporters of Netanyahu the the U.S. will protest. “Everyone in the Mideast plays hard. What is so special about soldiers being allowed to mistreat minority civilians?” But that’s the point. Be it manhandling a crippled child or bombing civilians in Gaza with white phosphorous or looking the other way while terror gangs burn precious Palestinian olive groves, in the Mideast there is nothing at all special about thuggish regimes behaving in thuggish ways.

The only thing “exceptional” about the Netanyahu regime is the bent knee of certain American politicians.


One comment on “Exceptional Israel?

  1. at seventy and a person who sent her fifteen year old allowance to help Israel , I can say I no longer support Israel. It is illegal to give one cent to any county that is developing or has a nuclear weapon and not signed the Nuclear Proliferation Agreement
    Israel has Not . Iran has. After research into the lobby power in America I know Israel controls my country. Israel occupies America by money to puppets. Israel is a direct enemy of America.

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