American Democracy in Action

It is hard to say whether the American voter is more conservative or confused, but that voter seems unable to tolerate or appreciate open-minded, analytical, sympathetic politics. Any why, indeed, should they, with so few examples by their self-important leaders, of such thinking? As for conservatism, the only thing the right cares to conserve is its own wealth; why so many of the poor continue to elect leaders who merely pillage those who elect them is, on the surface, incomprehensible. But, given the choices (with the exception of Elizabeth Warren), what is a decent patriot to do?

The one lesson that appears to emerge from the whole sorry political mess in America is that a liberal-talking servant of the rich will only give reform a bad name. So now six years have been lost, and we have again in ascendancy across the country the gang we thought had finally been kicked out: those who want imperial war, unrestrained class war, a supine working class taking orders respectfully, and complete freedom to pillage the earth for their personal benefit.

Americans, congratulations: you just voted for bad health care, minimal job benefits, a booming economy for the 1% until the next disaster following by another bailout of the rich–by you, the oh so very generous and trusting American voter. Overseas, you should expect–because you just voted for it–wars endlessly that will further enrich that same 1%.

The great monopolistic elitist party has held another mock election in which anyone with a true reformist program is effectively marginalized (by reserving TV advertizing to those funded by the rich). Even Udall, who tried to stand up to NSA domestic spying, got rejected by the voters. Why not? If we choose to give the rich all our money, if we choose to let the rich run the country, then I guess it only makes sense that we open our hearts (and mail) to them as well. Trust is trust.

But realize what you just did, Mr. or Mrs. Voter. Don’t be whining any more about what you might want your government to do for you. Don’t go asking for good schools, clean air, safe food. You just gave your government to the rich, and trust me — the rich will use it very, very carefully for their own benefit. We will, under McConnell and gang, have big government for sure, very big government, but it will not be for you 99%ers:

  1. Wall St. will have massive socialist support programs run through the Treasury to keep the taxpayer’s money flowing into its hands;
  2. trouble-making workers who are not grateful for jobs will be slapped down hard;
  3. the sick will be given the freedom to take care of themselves.

The victorious rich will, in our paradise, grant you the favor of exactly what you want: freedom. You will have the freedom to be sick and self-medicate, the freedom to stay home without work or to work two part-time jobs without benefits, the freedom to watch endless war on your Chinese-made TV. You voted for it; you got it. Have a nice day.


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