Israel’s Strategic Coup

Congratulations to Israel for its terrorist strike during truce talks, in which its vaunted military neatly murdered a woman and child in their own home. This is strategic thinking. No, really! What with all the interference by the likes of the Egyptian junta pressuring Hamas into accepting yet another meaningless ceasefire without Israel moving an inch toward allowing the one million people of Gaza the remotest semblance of a life (we won’t even mention such ridiculous ideas as sovereignty or even the right to have a sewage system), Israel was in trouble: the fighting might actually have come to an end.

If the fighting stopped, then Israel would no longer have any justification for maintaining the Gaza Ghetto or undermining Palestinian unity (recall that it sabotaged the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation in the spring). Worse, people might start talking about those illegal settlers…But, fear not! Israeli strategic thinkers have once again performed flawlessly. Not only have they ensured that the fighting in Gaza will continue but have achieved the added bonus of making the generals of the Egyptian junta look idiotic for trying to mediate between the warden and the prisoners. And not only that – Israel has also, since it was trying to murder the lady’s husband, a Hamas official, established the precedent that in war, even during truce talks, there is nothing wrong with killing the enemy’s leader. Maybe that will make politicians think before starting wars.


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