Can We Reform the U.S. Financial System?

…or must it be trashed and replaced?

Since the rich have rejected the New Deal compromise and launched a full-scale class war on the rest of us, the question of whether or not moderate reform within the system can work or whether we need, at the minimum, a financial system revolution must be answered. The new U.S. Government announcement of an all-time high in the percentage of households on food stamps provides powerful evidence that, five years after the worst recession on record, financial and economic reform are ideas that have been rejected by the ruling elite. If food stamp usage is up, then the recession is getting worse.

Combine that with the booming Fed-financed stock market, and one has some pretty strong evidence that the elite has decided to crack down on everyone else. As long as half the U.S. population keeps voting to hand their money to the rich by supporting Republican politicians, while the rest vote for hypocritical Democratic politicians who actually support the same policy of enriching the rich, who can blame the rich for taking it all? Neither punishment of the corrupt nor reform of the system’s failures is going anywhere…because, evidently, that is exactly what the elite wants.


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