Shaky Moral Compass Points Way to U.S. Collapse

Society guided by a firm moral compass will still face adversity and will still not know “the answers” but will nonetheless have reason to anticipate a great future for its moral compass, albeit not providing easy answers, will critically guide that fortunate society to ask the right questions.


A glance at the debate over domestic spying by the Intelligence Community under White House direction upon the American people suffices to reveal the absence of a firm moral compass guiding that debate. The normal range of opinion among the ruling elite extends from “Should any legal restrictions on domestic spying exist?” to “Certainly not; everything the White House wants is just fine.” On a good day, a rare Senator will go so far as to protest that the IC has not provided a requested report. Such a blind, self-satisfied exercise in the right hand and the left hand both patting the back constitutes little more than an exercise in undermining democracy: are we, the exalted ruling elite, perfect or what?!?

The questions Americans must ask if they wish to retain their democracy instead would center on such as the follows:

  • Should Administration officials who deceive not just the American people and Congress but even the Congressional intelligence committees be arrested and put on trial?
  • Should Administration officials who deceive not just the Congressional intelligence committees but also the very secret judicial oversight body created to oversee IC relations with Congress be arrested and put on trial?
  • Should White House officials who order or Intelligence Community officials who execute orders to spy on Americans by manipulating private corporations and the acquiescing corporate officials be arrested and put on trial?
  • Why is it that almost no one in the U.S. Congress is embarrassed that the President is implementing fundamental policy changes on his own—policy changes that appear to be permanently crippling American civil rights, without the participation of our 500 plus elected…ah…”representatives?”

Not to put too fine a point on it, does the U.S. have a government based on the rule of law, and, if not, can its collapse be averted?


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