Demanding Transparency from the Empire

Those who want empire fear democracy most of all, and the tipping point between the two is transparency. That transparency is well understood by the War Party to be the shield behind which imperial games can safely be played was never so clear as with the almost comical official panic in reaction to Snowden’s spotlight of openness. Yes, Snowden was dangerous…to those who want to use war to further the shift from democracy to empire. Snowden’s personal sacrifice to awaken Americans to what their government is secretly doing was one citizen speaking out for morality in government. Suddenly, amidst rumors that the government might offer Snowden a deal (guess the damage to the nation wasn’t so bad after all), officials are standing up to be counted as well. The virus is spreading.

Senator Udall’s efforts to shed the light of day on CIA torture of people various administrations don’t like should be seen in the same light: a demand for transparency…from the Senate Intelligence Committee, whose own members are reportedly being denied the right to see the evidence of what the various 21st century U.S. administrations are using the CIA to do.

Amid the floodtide of evidence of the decline of America, as most of us have conceived of it, one can also see evidence, perhaps even a stiffening wind of evidence revealing resistance…not only from individuals but even a few members of the government itself. As any boater knows, when the flood tide hits a stiffening wind in the opposite direction, the waves get rough.


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