American Incomes Stuck in the Mud; CEO Incomes Soaring

Measured either by percent of the population employed or total household income, the U.S. is stuck in the economic gutter, the wheels of the economy spinning in the mud. Progress is not being made because the ruling elite is not even discussing the issue: collapse of the middle class is not, in their eyes, a “problem,” it is the goal. The politicians are holding hands in a dark room with the super-rich, ignoring you and enjoying the party. You are not invited.

Politicians give government a bad name. The reality is that while politicians cheat the people to curry favor with the super-rich, civil servants–carefully ignored by their political bosses–are telling the truth. But civil servants do not rule; they simply provide the evidence for voters. It is up to you to act accordingly.

This stunning little graph by the Bureau of Labor Statistics spells out the utter failure of the ruling elite to restore American economic health:

BLS Employment

The proportion of the national population that is employed seldom changes significantly from month to month; it is perhaps the single economic statistic every American should keep in mind to gauge the health of the economy–the economy’s blood pressure. It obviously is not a perfect indicator (no indicator ever is), for it fails to show details about who gets the most and the level of corruption, but still the high pre-2008 plateau of employment before the bailout of the billionaires starkly contrasts with the absolutely flat post-bailout valley bottom. The data behind the graph tell the same story even more starkly: the percent of the U.S. population employed in Nov. 2009 and Nov. 2013 are exactly the same, at 58.9%. No progress, zip, zero, nada.

A second way to measure the economic health of U.S. society is earnings. Americans are earning 6% less today than they did in 2007. In contrast with the blatantly misleading report in the New York Times, which evidently cannot interpret a simple line graph, household income is not engaged in a “slow crawl back.” Look at the Times‘ graph: it clearly shows a rapid collapse in household income from 2007 to 2011, followed by five (!) peaks on the minus 6% line. U.S. household income has been stuck at (or below) 6% less than its 2007 peak since mid-2010. Never read the headlines in the New York Times or any other MSM publication. Most of the MSM probably does not  fake actual numbers, but editors definitely twist headlines in an effort to curry favor with politicians, and what politicians want you to believe is that we are making progress, and the system works just fine.

Here is actually what is working just fine: CEOs are earning 40% MORE than in 2009 (a quote of Obama buried in the NYT article). All the truth that is fit to print is hidden near the bottom of MSM articles on the assumption that almost no one in the U.S. today is capable of focusing his little brain long enough to read that far.

The super-rich are probably correct about the intellectual laziness of Americans, but the fact is you really don’t have to read to know what is happening: do you feel that you, like the nation’s CEOs, are getting richer every year or not?


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