Peace Scare!

A Mideast emergency exists. No, not Syria or anything else that is in the mainstream media. The emergency is that Iran may become just another state, an accepted member of the international community, and that the war scare may disappear. Then, how would Netanyahu and Lieberman get reelected?

No time for negotiations exists. Iran is emerging as a significant regional actor, increasingly resembling other states, thus posing a direct threat to the Israeli right wing’s pursuit of regional military hegemony and territorial expansion. Palestinians opposed this ambition so must be liquidated. Lebanon opposed this ambition so was colonized…until Hezbollah put a stop to that idea. Iraq opposed this ambition so was colonized for the blink of an eye by the U.S., gave the West control of its oil industry in return for a degree of independence, and now holds hands in the dark with Iran. Now the closest country to Israel that remains willing to criticize the lebensraum folly of the Zionist right wing is Iran…so it must be bombed.

Whether or not any Iranian leader might ever be inclined to build nuclear arms is just a red herring. Indeed, if Iran does decide to follow Israel’s lead and build the bomb, Israel’s constant threats against Iran will almost surely end up being shown by history to have been the deciding factor.

The shortest route to a responsible, moderate Iran would be a responsible, moderate Israel. But that is not what the Washington war party wants. A raving Netanyahu constitutes priceless justification for whatever foreign adventures bored Washington politicians may want, smoothly covers the flood of war profits pouring into the pockets of the arms industry magnates, distracts the population from complaining about big bank fraud, and facilitates consolidation of the invasive, control-freak national security state that our leaders so love.

In a world less frightened by constant war scares, the U.S. could buy anything it wanted, and much more cheaply than it can steal those things through war. That might help the American people but would do nothing to satisfy the appetites of the elite; for them, war scares punctuated by the occasional real war (fought somewhere else by someone else) are not a necessary sacrifice but the goal.


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