Government for the Elite…or the People?



2 comments on “Government for the Elite…or the People?

  1. I had a little chuckle at seeing Warren over in change.

    ‘Allow students to take more and more money out to pay for a college education they don’t want and, in many cases, don’t need.’

    Yeah, what can go wrong with being another little cog in the machine that allows students to become peons? Hey, she wants them to pay less for interest rates! Woowwww…. How radical and change-y! Haha.

  2. Well, Warren is not all that far over into change…but still much further than Obama. And if the students are not smart enough to borrow only what they need, that is more their fault than the fault of those who offer them the help. I recall being very grateful for my–low-interest-rate–student loans back in the day. But if you are implying that real educational reform in the long-term interest of US society would be the establishment of a free college education for all who could maintain a certain meritorious grade level, well, I could not agree more.

    And this is exactly the purpose of my little chart – getting folks thinking about the political alternatives actually discussed in public in the US vs. the rich array of real alternatives meriting public debate.

    Thanks for your comment and glad you had a chuckle!

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