The Logic of Governance…for the Elite

Fund welfare for the rich by “balancing” the budget of the 99%. The logic of governance by the elite, for the elite, and of the elite has been put into practice to establish a pattern of fraud against society.

The Alice-in-Wonderland quality of the public policy debate in Washington is revealed by the studied misuse of English. The words do have meaning…just not their dictionary meaning. “Balanced budgets” means budgets that fund welfare for the rich and the war machine by depriving the population of social services, if not literally stealing from your bank account. “Capitalism” means welfare for the rich rather than free competition. “Crime” refers to stuff the lower classes do in the street, including demonstrating for civil liberties.

No individual banker has yet been found guilty of committing fraud in the LIBOR scandal despite hundreds of billions of dollars in fines. The Cyprus settlement established the precedent of governments stealing some arbitrary percentage of private bank accounts for their convenience – not, be it noted, for saving the country, rebuilding infrastructure, improving education or any other public purpose, but just for the convenience of politicians who wish to pay off rather than punish rich financial gamblers. Does anyone believe the Cyprus precedent will never again be used? Pandora’s box has been opened. Scandal follows scandal, each one leaving bankers richer and societies poorer.


About Cyprus…

Depuis février 2008, date à laquelle j’ai commencé à m’intéresser à la santé des banques, j’en ai vu des arnaques diverses et variées dans le monde de la finance, mais celle que j’ai pu observer de près à Chypre est digne du massacre des Templiers afin que le Roi de France n’ait pas à leur rembourser ses prêts. Certes, à l’époque, seuls les Templiers ont “payé” de leur vie, le peuple n’a pas été trop touché. Sept siècles plus tard, ce sont quand même les 600.000 habitants de l’Ile de Chypre, ancienne base arrière des Templiers (à Limassol, Richard Coeur de Lion épousa Bérengère de Navarre et la couronna Reine d’Angleterre) qui ont été dépouillés et jetés à la mer, pieds et poings attachés, mains derrière le dos, afin que les banques américaines et européennes puissent se servir tranquillement dans leurs coffres pour la gloire de l’UE.

Tout Chypriote qui avait plus de 100.000 euros d’économies, toute société chypriote qui avait plus de 100.000 euros de trésorerie à la Leiki Bank ou à la Bank of Cyprus n’aura plus que les yeux de leur comptable pour pleurer. Pour faire passer la pilule pro-européenne, les merdias français ont présenté le pays comme une île où les pirates russes déposaient leur butin mal acquis alors qu’en réalité Bruxelles a tout fait pour que Chypre rejoigne l’UE… Mieux: à l’époque Bruxelles se moquait totalement du fait que les Libanais, Algériens, Tunisiens, Marocains, Russes, Croates, Bulgares, Serbes, Tchèques, etc. aient fait de Chypre leur Luxembourg local. Le système bancaire chypriote était qualifié comme l’un des meilleurs, et il y a encore un an, les “stress-tests” européens menés sur les banques chypriotes les donnaient… en parfaite santé
 !!! [Read the rest at 2-5 April 2013.]


Is Cyprus the wave of the future? The head of the Eurozone finance ministers seems to think so.

Perhaps the greatest of all the frauds being committed by our leaders is that welfare for the rich program called “too big to fail” that subsidizes the massive borrowing costs of the major banks. This corporate socialism is so egregiously unfair to the whole rest of the economy that even the leaders of government, such as FDIC vice chairman Thomas Hoenig, are protesting. The FDIC vice chairman’s protest against this travesty was based solely on economic and legal grounds, but it is far worse when put in the political context of a campaign to shred the social safety net via a fraudulent call for a balanced Federal budget that takes from the people to fund the war budget…and the bottom lines of big gambling houses that also do some banking on the side. (The banking on the side legally qualifies them to borrow money at subsidized rates to fund their gambling. If you have a problem with that, then perhaps you need anger management class.)

In a review of how Obama is protecting large-scale financial fraudsters, Crooks and Liars’ Mike Lux offers a priceless list of examples from a new report by the Campaign for a Fair Settlement. It gets worse, with a whole new version of mortgage fraud now being perpetrated, even while the nation remains littered with foreclosed, empty, and rotting houses from the last one.

Perhaps you really don’t need to worry about the details, but you do need to grasp the big picture – a pattern of elite fraud to impoverish the 99% that amounts to a class war the rich, despite the little issue in 2008, continue to win. Let’s make it simple. For those of you who still have some cash, if you put it in a bank, the government may take it; if you put it in real estate, the banks may take it. So, exactly what are you going to do with it?**


**Psst!! Hey, buddy, I got this deal for ya: a derivative of a derivative that will pay 15% guaranteed for as long as we can keep selling them. Whadda ya say, buddy, whadda ya say?


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