Gaza: Israeli Laboratory

Both Republicans and Democrats allow the Israeli war party to test its theories of war on the unfortunate prisoners in the Gaza Ghetto.

Amid the flood of propaganda about Israel in the U.S. distributed intentionally by Likudnik supporters and those who are simply ignorant, accurate depictions are rare and even more rarely heard. Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, published by the American Educational Trust–a non-profit organized by retired U.S. foreign service officers, is a voice that deserves broader attention. A perfect example is a recent analysis of what really led to Israel’s November attack on Gaza:

…on Nov. 14 an Israeli air strike targeted Hamas military leader Ahmed al-Jabari, just as Jabari was engaged in Egyptian-mediated truce talks with the militants. Hamas responded to Jabari’s murder by ending its efforts to restrain the militants and launching its own more accurate rockets. What had seemed like a pathologically senseless killing was actually in line with Israel’s long history of using assassinations to bring an end to a truce and to provoke renewed violence.

Officials in the U.S. and Israel suggested that Israel had deliberately lured Hamas to join in the rocketing in order to test its defenses against rockets Iran had sent to Hamas intending them to be used in case of an Israeli strike on Iran. [Rachelle Marshall, “This Time Israel’s Assault on Gaza Took Place in a New Middle East,” Washington Report, 2/13/13, 12.]

Cairo learned that Israel will stab it in the back if it moderates efforts to find peace.

Washington, were it interested in learning anything, would have learned that as long as it retains its pro-Israeli bias, Israel will seek violence as its conflict-resolution method of choice, because–given a blank check from the superpower– that is where its advantage lies.

Hamas and Tehran learned that they have only two choices: violence or submission, and that violence will require better weapons.

These are lessons Israel’s extremists are very good at teaching and lessons that create an insecure world that weakens U.S. national security. Candidate Romney made it very clear in public that he would place Netanyahu’s policy preferences ahead of his duties as defender of U.S. national security; Obama has been less clear in words but follows much the same policy, and the new century of U.S. military defeats and costly stalemates in the Muslim world continues. As for poor Gaza, it remains a laboratory for the power-hungry.


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