Hagel Bows to Israeli Rightwing

Having laid out a plan of action for our new Secretary of Defense (granting him the opportunity to demonstrate his personal integrity), it seems only fair to follow up by reporting evidence, Hagel chose to make Israel his first foreign contact and genuflected like a true and loyal servant.  So much, apparently, for all his talk about being a US government official loyal to the US.

Is the depiction of Hagel as having “genuflected like a true and loyal servant” of Israel overly rude? He made it clear that military aid to Israel (not for security but for supremacy) would take precedence during this time of U.S. budget crisis over meeting the needs of the U.S. population. He went far beyond expressing a commitment to protect the Israeli people from aggression; rather, he guaranteed to maintain regional Israeli military supremacy, a move that meets the minimum demands of the Israeli war party (their maximal demands would be for U.S. war against Iran) and aggravates regional tensions–thus imperiling Israeli security–by teaching the whole region that force is the only language Washington understands. Is putting the political interests of the Israeli right wing ahead of the economic issues facing the U.S. population genuflection or not? You be the judge.

Hagel might have stated that the U.S. supports the national security of Israel and every other regional society while opposing warOne could argue that there was no particular need for Hagel to go out of his way to antagonize the Israeli regime, but he might have mentioned in passing that the US is a sovereign state and will make decisions about war and peace on the basis of its own national security. He might have mentioned that the US supports the security of all regional states. He might have mentioned that national security is one thing, while aggression is another. He might have offered a vision of a Mideast free of the specter of nuclear conflict via the acceptance by all regional states of the concept of nuclear transparency. But those are big statements, and it is hard to enunciate them when you are on your knees.

Exactly what are all these Washington politicians so frightened of?


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