To Imagine Reform, Clean Up Language

Sincere policy planning  begins with honest language. “Balance” means something any toddler on a see-saw can understand; when politicians use the word to mean “cheating people who are not rich,” they are obviously being dishonest. Senator Elizabeth Warren made this “perfectly clear” during her campaign:

It’s going to take a balanced approach. I believe we need to make cuts, we need to make cuts to agriculture subsidies. We need to make cuts in our defense budget, targeted cuts. We need to end the war in Afghanistan, that’s $2 billion a week. We need to cut fraud and abuse out of the system. But we also need to ask others to pay their fair share. I believe that billionaires should pay taxes at least at the same rate that their secretaries do. [Progressive Democrats of America 11/18/12.]

This is a perfect example of what the U.S. needs to reform: the cleaning up of our language, fundamental to the cleaning up of our  thinking, which has become so muddled by special interest propaganda. The first fraud and abuse we need to eliminate is fraudulent and abusive use of words.


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