Election Night, 7:00 p.m.

As I sit, wondering at 7:00 PM, after voting, how it will turn out, I ask myself, utterly perplexed, why half the country disagrees with me. In short, why does half the country, by the polls, apparently support rule by the rich, continuing financial corruption by the banks, foreign policy based on endless wars that do not work, health care only for those who can afford it, corporate poisoning of the environment?

 Then I pose to myself the obvious second question: if the above obviously represents a good part of what the Republican Party currently offers, what does Obama offer as an alternative?

That is when the light begins to dawn. Obama offers…well, exactly what? After four years, it still ain’t clear. He has come down 100% in support of letting financial corruption continue – no criminal actions at all against individuals who are rich. He shifted from a bad war in Iraq to a bad war in Afghanistan. He let the poisoning of the Gulf go unpunished.  And Obamacare still leaves the American health care system under the control of corporations. Of course, he does not sound like Bush, but exactly where are the substantive differences that distinguish Obama from the Grand Old Party of the Corporate Elite?

So the voter, confused, tosses a coin or votes on extreme fringe issues, and 50% end up supporting each candidate. If the two parties really ran, respectively, a donkey and an elephant, the outcome would be exactly the same.

Meanwhile, the candidate who could make a difference, Jill Stein, is in jail, and no one in the country even knows her name.


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