World Affairs Note: Syriza Advocates Public Protest

Syriza, the Greek party opposing extreme austerity for the average person reacted to the Greek regime’s announcement today that it had reached agreement with the EEC on further austerity measures by calling for protest:

Government measures should not be voted into effect, they will not be implemented….Public protests are the only effective answer to the plans to demolish the rights of workers and of young people (that) will mean the subordination of the country to its lenders and to big capital. [CNN 10/30/12.]

For a major party participating in the democratic process to state that it cannot offer the population any “effective answer” other than to advocate public protest signals the threat to democracy. Particularly in a situation, such as that in Greece, where violence between police and the public has already occurred in a context of regime readiness to suppress popular democratic action, advocacy of public protest as the “only” response also risks further undermining of democracy, since the likelihood of major protests persuading the regime to become more sympathetic to people’s needs is slim.

Expect further Greek violence and radicalization.


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