Jill Stein: Speaking the Truth About the Economy

Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for president of the U.S., has been carefully frozen out of the Republican-Democratic presidential debate show. If you wonder why, just listen to what she says. A normal politician would die of embarrassment.

We have a choice in this U.S. presidential election. The major party duopoly and its allied mainstream media work very hard to prevent Americans from realizing that because listening to clear-speaking candidates who can articulate a pro-peace, anti-financial corruption, pro-environmental platform would instantly expose the hypocrisy of the major party candidates. The last thing Republican and Democratic pols want is to be caught on the same stage as candidates like Jill Stein.

Here’s what Jill Stein had to say about the U.S. economic predicament in the recent minor party presidential debate:

We’re hearing more about deregulating business and Wall Street, as if we didn’t have enough problem from that already. We’re hearing about more tax breaks for the wealthy, and we’ve seen tax breaks continue over the past many decades across all sectors really of the tax code, to where the wealthy are not paying their fair share now. And we’re hearing more about energy, dirty energy.

So, we’re calling for a Green New Deal, modeled after the New Deal that actually got us out of the Great Depression. They created approximately four million jobs in as little as two months. So there’s a lot that we can do if we put our mind to it. We’re calling for jobs created at the level of our communities, which are nationally funded and which put decisions in the hands of the communities about which kind of jobs they need, both in the green economy and meeting their social needs, that would be focused and controlled locally, but funded at the national level. [Democracy Now 10/4/12.]

Of course, we all “know” that Ms Stein has no chance of victory: Americans are too disenchanted with the corrupt political process to have any faith in democracy or any willingness to think seriously about the issues. But it is a national tragedy that Americans are denied the opportunity to hear reform candidates present their views face-to-face with the elite-sponsored candidates. The major party debates are carefully choreographed to prevent serious discussion, and their mainstream media analysis bends over backwards to focus popular attention on trivia (e.g., who “scored” more points, who looked more “mature”) rather than exposing the efforts of both candidates to evade serious underlying questions. The losers are the 99%.

Either send them a message or they will get the message that you don’t care.


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