World Affairs Note: Nuclear Monitoring By Drones

A new development in global efforts to minimize nuclear proliferation is expanding: the monitoring of nuclear infrastructure by spy drones. A U.S. drone shot down over Iran made big news and publicly underscored the precedent established by the U.S. Now it is the turn of Hezbollah, which just sent one of its drones to the area around Israel’s Dimona nuclear facility. Not only did the Israelis shoot it down (as Iran had previously done to the U.S. spy aircraft), but Netanyahu has threatened to respond if Hezbollah continues its intelligence gathering. Why it is OK for the West to use drones to spy on Iranian nuclear activities while it is not OK for Hezbollah to use drones to spy on Israeli nuclear activities, the bellicose Netanyahu did not explain. Drones and nukes are sure to be in the news again.


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