Bringing Sanity to the Mideast

Both Israeli and U.S. military-intelligence officials continue their public warnings against an Israeli attack on Iran and even the Republican convention speakers seemed uninterested in yet another war against a Muslim society, but the world continues to watch McCain’s slow-motion “train wreck.” Yet a solution containing much of benefit to both Israel and Iran is not hard to imagine, provided that one takes a long-term view and accepts the stunning idea of fairness. Here’s breakthrough deal Obama might offer Tehran, which a new Israeli governing coalition might well accept as well.


The U.S. pledges its good offices to preserve the peace between Iran and Israel, including using its naval presence in the Persian Gulf to oppose any military aggression by any state in or over the Persian Gulf. The U.S. announces that it supports the territorial integrity of each state, that it opposes regime change, that it hereby terminates support for economic sanctions against Iran, and that it supports the possession of defensive weapons (e.g., advanced ground-to-air missiles) by each side but opposes the possession of offensive weapons (e.g., nuclear cruise missiles, nuclear-capable submarines, nuclear weapons, long-range missiles, bunker-busting bombs) by either side. The U.S. further pledges that it will seek the immediate return to the U.S. of all such offensive weapon systems previously supplied to Israel even as it continues to provide Israel with defensive weapons. The U.S. further advocates that Israel and Iran announce and immediately commence implementation of the following policies:

  • The right of the other side to exist within its legally recognized borders and to have national security.

  • A Mideast nuclear-free zone as a goal.

  • Total nuclear transparency, effective immediately, to include unrestricted right of inspection without notice by a research team of the other side’s nuclear facilities.

  • No submarines sailing off the other’s coastline, specifically including that Iran shall not send submarines into the Mediterranean and that Israel snot to shall not send submarines into the Indian Ocean or Persian Gulf.

  • Unrestricted international inspection of any missile sites capable of hitting the adversary’s territory.

Finally, in the oft-stated spirit of keeping “all options” on the table for dealing with Iran, the U.S. hereby chooses to exercise the option of negotiating and thus offers, at Iran’s convenience, to open negotiations with Iran on any topic it may wish to discuss without preconditions. The U.S. further proposes, as soon as Iran may concur, to invite third parties–such as Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey–to participate in such sessions of these talks as may concern any of those parties.


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