Support Democracy: Act One. Wisconsin

There probably is not a single person left in the U.S. who is not complaining about our government, but complaining merely puts a smirk on the faces of the Dimons, Kochs, Cheneys, Blankfeins. Either take action to support democracy or they win.

For Americans who care about their democracy, their values, and their way of life, two steps are key at this moment.

First is Wisconsin, where the deep freeze protest during the winter of 2011 has led to a recall election to kick Walker, the Koch brothers’ candidate, out of office. With Walker in office for a year, Wisconsin has the worst record of job creation in the nation. Wisconsin, you stand for all of us.

Second is signing the petition to reenact Glass-Steagal, the law that has protected us from bank fraud since the New Deal. The carefully planned eviseration of regulation that enabled Wall St. to lead an elite attack on the U.S. economy that culminated in their enrichment and the 2007 Financial Crisis must be reversed.

If you still have a little left to give, join the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.


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