Creating Enemies

Undermine their democracy movement. Install a dictator. Pump him full of weapons. Ignore the complaints of the people until they turn in desperation to a religious extremist who kicks you out. Support the invasion of a vicious neighborhood dictator. Threaten the dictatorship, shoving it further to the right. Slap it in the face for any show of moderation -it must be a trick! Build up a local nuclear client; hand it a nuclear monopoly; encourage its nuclear threats. Deny your enemy the right of self-defense. Make your own threats. Make the leaders extreme and solidify their control. Overstate the enemy’s power. Scare everyone. Release reports claiming that the enemy “might” have something or “might” be thinking about something. Trim social services to pay for more weapons, and transform the CEO’s who provide them into multi-millionaires. Thank you, Mr. Extremist Third World Dictator. If you did not exist, we would have had to create you.


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