Defending Zionism

The Israeli Navy has once again defended Israel against the onslaught of terrorists, provocateurs, and other enemies of Zionist regional military hegemony. In the event, if one cares about the details of this particular case, a handful of saboteurs attacking the permanent state of war against Islam, including Israelis (!), attempted to break the Gaza blockade in a tiny craft containing medicines and other weapons of peace. With overpowering force, as is their wont, the Israeli Navy once again emerged victorious over the forces of peace and understanding. It naturally follows that U.S. military aid to Israel should immediately be increased – and delivered by the usual emergency airlift, following the model of the jet bomber fuel sent during Israel’s attempt to destroy the economic infrastructure of southern Lebanon during the hot summer of 2006.

The IDF’s own spokesman condemned the “surreal assignment” of diverting the navy from defending Israel to chasing peace activists, but he missed the point: the Israeli military were not “diverted;” it is not their job to defend Israel. The assignment given to the Israeli military by the Israeli regime of Netanyahu is to defend Zionist expansionism; the blockade of Gaza, the occupation of all useful West Bank land, and the subordination of neighboring countries from regular invasions of Lebanon to nuclear threats against non-nuclear Iran are all critical pieces of that imperial structure.

Small as Gaza may be, allow it freedom, allow it to select its own leaders (that would be Hamas), and the whole structure of Israeli military domination will collapse. Such a victory by Hamas will lead to the catastrophe (for Zionists) of a democratic election in Palestine, which Hamas would win in an explosion of Palestinian patriotism, just as it won the first such election in 2006. From there to a flood of illegal Israeli settlers returning to Israel from the West Bank would be a short road. Hezbollah would be reinvigorated, Ahmadinejad would be crowing, and Erdogan would be offering to negotiate “a new friendly Mideast.” Worst of all, it might even bring the Israeli left back from the dead and provoke a resurgence of Israeli democracy.


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