Protect Your Local Billionaire

There is no time to waste; Government must take action now: we need to bail out Dubai. Dubai, for those who haven’t visited lately, is the Arabs’ version of Wall Street, and with its financial integrity and therefore the financial integrity of the global financial system as we know it threatened by Dubai’s until-now secret $80 billion shortfall, this Shangra-la of unregulated capitalism deserves a U.S. taxpayer handout every bit as much as Goldman Sachs and AIG did.

The only alternative may be the loss of the global financial system as we know it. Hmmm…


3 comments on “Protect Your Local Billionaire

  1. Wherever there are financial problems that affect “Local Billionaire”, Rothschild and his subservient agencies are there to help, i.e. help themselves. Did you see the following?

    Rothschild appointed to help sell Dubai World assets

    Bankers from Rothschild have been appointed to help restructure Dubai World with a mandate to dispose of some of the stricken conglomerate's famous assets.
    Full article:

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