Israel Kills 19 Palestinian Children

Israeli onslaught kills “many civilians” in Gaza and “targets” Gaza government headquarters, according to Israeli media, provoking its al Fatah “ally” to break off talks.

Israel Air Force aircraft targeted Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail
Haniyeh’s Gaza headquarters early Sunday, firing three missiles at the compound.
Palestinian witnesses say the building completely collapsed, reporting wounded
militants. Earlier, IAF planes struck a Hamas weapon warehouse in northern Gaza.

On Saturday, two Israeli soldiers and 63 Palestinians, many
of them civilians, were killed in an Israeli military operation in northern Gaza
City. The operation is expected to continue for several days.

Israel was responding to a rocket barrage from Hamas, sent in revenge for the earlier killing of several Hamas personnel. Beyond this tactical reason, Hamas was also acting to achieve strategic defense. As Amos Harel put it in Haaretz, “Hamas has been trying for some time to create a balance of deterrence with Israel in the Gaza Strip.”

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said, “We tell the world to see with its own eyes and judge for itself what is happening and who is carrying out international terrorism.”

For a description of how the highly skilled Israeli IDF soldiers killed some of the reported 19 children killed, see this story.

Speaking on behalf of the people who once faced a holocaust themselves, Israeli deputy defense minister callously threatened the people of Gaza with a “holocaust.”


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